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Photo by Brianna Wilcox


My portraiture work results in a distinctive image that strives to make a statement about the individual.  In this age of snapshots and selfies, the professional portraitist takes the time to develop a relationship with the subject, then control the setting, the lighting, and the post processing to create an image.

My photography started many years ago when I was a photojournalist working at a daily newspaper in Wisconsin.  This training as a photojournalist heavily influences my work as a portrait photographer.  Portraits shot while on assignment required that the image advance the story of the person.  That is still how I work.  If the portrait does not make a significant statement about the individual it is nothing other than a snapshot.  I have included a gallery of villagers shot in a small village in Sierra Leone that shows how my documentary work combines with my work in portraiture.

 I now limit my work to portraiture through Jeff Pearcy Photography, LLC and documentary photography. 

There are many genres of photography that I do not pursue.  I do not photograph weddings or babys and children.  I can make recommendations to excellent photographers who work in these areas.

If you are part of a non-profit organization, I am happy to work with the organization to tell it’s compelling story in photographs and videos.  I work in collaboration with two other wonderful photographers and the work can be seen at

"I've known Jeff and his work for years and I feel he's one of the best and most professional photographers in the business." Ken Vonderberg